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The Dane Group provides bookkeeping services to busy professionals and individuals by taking all of their mounting financial paperwork and business transactions and turning it into an efficient and cost-effective system that will free your time and energy to focus on your business at hand.

Why hire a bookkeeper?

Typically, a small business does not have the need nor the finances to justify hiring a full-time in-house bookkeeper. The task of managing the books can sometimes be accomplished in less than 40 hours, leaving you stuck trying to assign additional tasks to your employee.

Spend more time focusing on the type of business you set out to do without the distraction and time shift of maintaining your books along the way.

Feel confident that your business bookkeeping is being diligently tended to on a daily or weekly basis, giving you more comfort and time to provide your clients with the services you have set out to provide.

If a business owner or individual can stand solid and grounded in their bookkeeping management it can only encourages growth and freedom.

Feel assured that all of your business or individual transactions are being accounted for and entered into reputable, secure, and searchable financial software.

The following services are available based on your business or personal needs.
  • Bookkeeping services included but not limited to maintaining daily transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable and credit card and bank account reconciliation.
  • Maintaining all accounts cohesively within QuickBooks or your preferred financial software.
  • QuickBooks file setup.
  • QuickBooks (or other software) catch up or clean up services (bringing your financial files up to date).
  • Prepare any needed reports or statements.
  • Direct communication with your Accountant. Prepare the bookkeeping in a way that is thorough and in good up-to-date condition to hand over to your Accountant for tax preparation.
  • Work in direct communication with your payroll company for payroll submissions on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Handle new employee paperwork, updating employee paperwork and any other applicable communication.
  • Personal (individual/family) monthly/weekly financial tracking, mail sorting, credit card and bank account reconciliation, medical bill management, monthly expense tracking and reports, end of year communication with your CPA.
  • Notary services.
Please note that we are not accountants or CPA’s. We work closely with these professionals in order to create a customized and seamless bookkeeping system suited to your needs.
Bookkeeping Services - Accountant Looking Over the Books for Accuracy

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